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  • Sarah Shi Hui Wong

2020 APS Student Research Award: "The Derring Effect: Deliberate Errors Enhance Learning"

I am honoured to have won the highly competitive 2020 APS Student Research Award conferred internationally by the Association for Psychological Science (APS) for my research on "The Derring Effect: Deliberate Errors Enhance Learning". The APS Student Research Award promotes and recognises outstanding research conducted by APS Student Affiliates worldwide.

My work on the “derring effect” is currently presented in the inaugural APS Virtual Poster Showcase alongside more than 1,200 posters from 41 participating nations. The APS Virtual Poster Showcase has brought the annual APS Convention online following its cancellation due to COVID-19, and is open to registered attendees from 1 June through 1 September 2020.

This research was also featured in the cover story of the APS Observer (2020, July/August), “Award-Winning Ideas from the APS Virtual Poster Showcase”, which shares the inspirations and personal stories behind the winning posters accepted to APS 2020.

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